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Sanding Utility Ditches in Olympia, WA

Have you decided to install a new underground utility line on your property? Or are you a contractor who is providing this service on behalf of your client? In either case, you need to know about the importance of sanding utility ditches before you lay the utility lines. Moreover, you need a company that you can count on to provide you with this service.

Luckily, those in Pierce County, WA, and the surrounding areas can count on the experts at Hydroseeding & Bark Blowers, Inc., to determine whether your project needs this service as well as to provide this service with professionalism. Learn more about this service to determine whether utility ditch sanding is something your project needs.

Services From Seattle to Olympia, WA

In Washington State, private underground utility lines are legally required to include bedding material surrounding the line on all sides. This bedding material protects the line from rocks in the common dirt that might otherwise damage the line. Sand is one of the approved materials used for this process, which is known as backfilling.

At Hydroseeding & Bark Blowers, Inc., we are prepared to backfill your utility trench with sand so that your project will be safe and compliant with state and local codes. Not only will we apply the sand bedding but we will also properly compact it so that your utility line will be totally secure. We use clean sand that meets local regulations, so that doesn’t need to be a matter of concern.

After we compact the sand around your utility line, the utility ditch will be ready to be covered with its final materials. If you want the area to be covered with lush green grass, we’ll be happy to help you with that as well through our hydroseeding service.

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