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Foundation Wall Backfill in Pierce County, WA

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A truck that does foundation backfill in Pierce County, WA

Our new 2017 Rock Slinger Extreme
Our new truck can do even more than in the past. It takes only a 500 series loader in the field for loading at job site with a load height of approximately 9’ 7”.
New truck has bulk style box similar to transfer truck. Truck hauls rock, sand or gravel at 18 ton loads, cedar play chips, compost, bark products up to 38 cu yards.
Another feature is the new Slinger can now open at tailgate and quick dump a load of any product in 1.5 min. No more digging out truck when in the field debris gets in and plugs truck. Just open tailgate and quick dump. This takes about one and half min. Saving hours of manual labor.

We now can make deliveries and can dump rock up to 4×8 quarry spalls size rock.

The conveyor belt can reach up to 12 ft and rotates more the 180 degrees while launching material up to 100 ft. The belt also varies in speed. It can go slow enough to just sprinkle the material off the belt or can be sped up to unload the whole load in under five minutes!

Not only does this unique system allow the operator to place the material with precision and accuracy even in hard to reach places. It also allows the material to be place directly from our conveyor to your desired location, making cleanup minimal.

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Common rock slinger uses:

  • Utility trenchesRockslinger Extreme.png 7
  • Utility boxes
  • Gravel driveways
  • Product delivery  and placement
  • Power pole setting
  • Storm water holing tank setting
  • Fuel tank setting
  • Electrical trenches
  • Cap breaks back filling foundations, walls
  • Water recycle tank setting
  • Topsoil, bark,compost,rain garden mix, play chips, dot bark placement
  • Long distance product placement up to 80 ft
  • Sidewalk filing & leveling prior to concrete
  • Hard to reach areas

Truck shoots product 80ft  + or – depending on site and product

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