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We Provide Erosion Control Solutions for Your Home & Property

Soil erosion caused by wind and water may be natural, but it can become a hassle when it impacts your home and property. Runoff from stormwater can be detrimental to building foundations, sidewalks, driveways, and valuable land. Luckily, erosion can be hindered or stopped with several solutions including physical barriers, new vegetation, and rock landscapes. We offer these solutions and more based on your specific needs.

Erosion Control Solutions

BFM Overview

BFM is an erosion control system where a layer of fibers are joined together with adhesive mineral binders to create a 3 dimensional erosion blanket which adheres to the soil. It eliminates direct rain drop impact on soil. BFM is equal to all biodegradable erosion control blankets when applied correctly. BFM won't form a crust that inhibits plant growth. It is completely biodegradable and is beneficial to plants' growth. BFM is applied via hydroseeder.

BFM is designed to replace temporary biodegradable erosion blankets.

Areas to Use

• Steep slopes that require erosion control blanket
• Side of runways to stop soil from blowing
• Stockpiled topsoils, keeps soil in place for 1 year
• Recommended when hydroseeding won't work because of temperatures
• When slopes 2:1 where wind or rainfall is a factor
• Will withstand up to 6" rain per hour

Because it is hydraulically applied, it requires less ground prep and less labor, which makes it more cost effective than sod or blanket applications.


• BFM can be applied in a 1 or 2 step process
• BFM performs better at lower cost
• Improves germination
• Reduces soil loss
• Reduces water runoff
• Secures seed and fertilizer in place until growth is established
• When applied hydraulically, BFM conforms to soil protecting slopes
• Its blanket type protection minimizes soil retention and wind and water erosion
• Applies easily with hydraulic application which reduces labor
• No site prep needed

BFM is porous and flexible, allowing sunlight and water to filter through to the ground below creating a perfect microclimate and growing environment. It allows better absorption of rainfall and reduces runoff and sediment loss. It enhances growth by improving water infiltration and moisture retention. It is biodegradable, non-toxic, and enriches soil as it degrades, leaving no residue and making it safe for wildlife and workers. There is no maintenance with BFM.

Other Products

• Stabilized Fiber Matrix
• Rainier Fiber Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM)
• Rainier F.R.M.
• Cocoflex
• X-Blend


MycoApply Micronized Endo mycorrhizal powder inoculum consists of 4 carefully selected species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (endomycorrhizal fungi). The powder comes in a particle size less than 300 microns (#50 screen). About 90% of the world's plant species form mycorrhizae with these beneficial endomycorrhizal fungi. Increasing the rooting area allows access to water and nutrients, promoting plant quality and crop performance.

The MycoApply Difference
  • Reduces drought stress, water inputs, transplant shock, nutrient loss
  • Increases yields, fruiting and flowering, survivability
  • Promotes rooting, nutrient uptake


Where to use

PermaMatrix Biotic Soil Amendment is an ideal alternative to traditional compost blankets. It is used to re-introduce depleted organics, missing micro-organisms, mycorrhizal fungi and organic carbon to highly disturbed and nutritionally deficient soils.

PermaMatrix may be used on depleted soils to establish biological function that is required to support vegetated solutions.


Biotic Earth BFM

For soil building and vegetation establishment under the most highly erosive conditions in a simple hydraulically applied system!

Tough sloes, poor soils? Biotic Earth BFM takes the toughest erosion control situations and builds topsoil with the added benefit of superior vegetation establishment. All of this is achieved through a combined system composed of specially processed straw and flexible flax fibers, with the added performance enhancement of Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, other proprietary plant growth stimulants all bonded with EarthBound Pro, an engineered soil building, stabilizing, and bonding material. All these benefits, and the highest level of rainfall and runoff resistance.

Biotic Earth Black

EXTREME soil building and vegetation establishment in a simple hydraulically applied system!

Through a scientifically balanced combinations of specially processed straw, flexible flax fibers, infused with Canadian Sphagnum peat moss. It also includes mycorrhizae, Triacontanol growth stimulant, and micro-nutrients. PLUS! you get the best possible soil conditioners in the Biotic Earth Black.

When used with the EarthBound 2000 or Scientific in areas where the soil lacks organics or has poor tilth, Biotic Earth Black and the EarthBound Soil Builders improve moisture holding capacity, water infiltration, soil structure, microbial activity, and optimizes seed germination, and improves plant photosynthesis, effectively kick starting long-term maintenance of the vegetation. With the addition of rainfall and runoff resistance.

Biotic Earth HGM

Soil building and vegetation establishment on less than ideal conditions in a simple economical hydraulically applied system!

Master gardeners have used peat moss for years as an effective seed germination tool and growth medium. Now hydroseeders can increase their vegetation growing success and reduce the need for topsoil through the addition of Canadian sphagnum peat moss. Biotic Earth HGM, a perfectly balanced organic enrichment growth medium. When either the EarthBound 2000 or Scientific is used in conjunction with Biotic Earth HGM you benefit from soil building, vegetation establishment, plant growth and maintenance all effectively enhanced. All these benefits, and extremely effective rainfall and runoff resistant.

Geotextile Weed Barrier Fabric

Geotextile Fabric
  • Installation of Geotextile fabric must accompany that of the engineered wood fiber surfacing on all new installations.
  • Geotextile fabric must be a minimum of 28 mills thick and have a tested 26 gallons per square foot per minute permeability.

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