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Setting up a New Playground or Landscape? Try Barkblowing for a Soft Surface! Ask about This Service Today

Barkblowing service is a method in which blowable products such as bark, compost, or ADA Sliverless play chips are loaded into our truck and then applied with a blower hose system on flowerbeds and designated areas, replacing wheel barrows and hand labor. Blowing product into place minimizes clean up as well as labor.

The product is manufactured engineered wood fiber comprised of softwoods and/or hardwoods, consisting of randomly sized wood fibers, the majority of which do not exceed 1.5″ in length and containing 10% to 20% fines to aid in compaction (it is generally understood that the manufacturing process allows a few oversized pieces).

Product must prove to be non-toxic. It may not contain any recycled wood products of any wood-contaminating paint, chemicals, or additives.

Product is to have minimal bark and to be free of twigs, leaf debris, and other organic material and is to be certified as non-flammable.

Product depth, after installation, must be in accordance with the procedure described in ASTM F 1292 and meet guidelines for critical height as set forth by the CPSC for use of wood products for protective surfacing.

ASTM Testing

Manufacturer must be in compliance and have proved testing data for the following standards as set forth by the American Standard for Testing Materials (ASTM) for surface systems under and around playground equipment.

  • ASTM F 1951-99 (previously ASTM PS 83-97) determination of accessibility of surface systems under and around playground equipment
  • ASTM F1292-96 impact of surface systems under and around playground equipment
  • ASTM F2075-01 standard specification for engineered wood fiber for use as playground safety surface under and around playground equipment

IPEMA Certified

Manufacturer must provide proof of certification. “In the interest of public playground safety, IPEMA provides an independent laboratory which validates a manufacture’s certification of conformance to ASTM F1292-99. A list of current validated products, their thickness and critical height may be viewed at”

Geotextile Weed Barrier Fabric

  • Installation of Geotextile fabric must accompany that of the engineered wood fiber surfacing on all new installations.
  • Geotextile fabric must be a minimum of 28 mills thick and have a tested 26 gallons per square foot per minute permeability.

Accessibility Ramp

  • Installation of a fluctuation ramp must accompany all engineered wood fiber surfacing installation.

Manufacturer Agreement

  • Manufacturer must carry 10 million dollars in product liability insurance.
  • Manufacturer must have a written 10-year limited product warranty.

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